" Debbie has been a fantastic teacher for me over the past few years, helping me improve my musical ability and getting me through my piano exams.

I love how she ignites my delight in playing the piano every week when I go to her lessons and she never shouts even when i forget to practice! She knows exactly how to poke me into achieving what I’m capable of without pressurising me into doing more than I can. "

- Hazel

" My two children have gained confidence and enjoyment from the playing the piano. Debbie is exacting but teaches with humour and injects fun into the sometimes mundane process of mastering an instrument.

My eight year old has gone from being reluctant to practise to playing her grade one pieces at every opportunity! "

- Mrs Horsefield

" My return to piano after 30 years has been rewarded thanks to the patient and intelligent teaching Debbie provides. Looking back to where I started, I can see a massive improvement both in my playing and understanding of music theory.

Debbie combines gentle encouragement with criticism and is superb at setting appropriate pieces which are both challenging and enjoyable. "

- Karen

" We are very pleased with the progress Emily is making and it is great to see her enjoyment in playing grow. "

- Emily's Mum

" Debbie is good at teaching. She never shouts, she is patient with me and she makes me work hard – in a good way! I enjoy my lessons because I like learning my pieces. "

- Emily, age 9

" I am a 27 year old who had always wanted to play the piano. I started lessons with Debbie nearly 2 years ago and have really enjoyed my journey from a complete beginner to somebody who can now read music and play a variety of different pieces.

I think I have progressed really well and stuck at it so long because Debbie is a really patient teacher who is great to learn with.

She makes sure lessons are fun and varied but always knows when you need a little push to progress and will make sure you get the most out of your lessons.

Her style of teaching makes the whole process of learning the piano very enjoyable and rewarding. "

- Kathryn

" I am a 43 and started to learn the piano from scratch last year. I could not read music and had a bit of a mental block about it as I had never managed to stick to learning an instrument when I was a child.

Debbie is a brilliant teacher – she has de-mystified music for me. She is very encouraging but also firm, which is what I needed as it ensured that I did my practice between lessons! I really enjoy my lessons with Debbie – we do a mixture of scales and pieces.

I wasn’t planning to do exams but Debbie encouraged me to take Grade 1 recently and I passed with a merit – something I never thought I’d achieve! "

- Jo